A surprise rainbow

Just a bit ago we heard a commotion in front of the house. Our neighbors were out and hollered at us to “Come see the rainbow”!

Sure enough, there was a rainbow, and on one end you could just make out a double. The rain has been off and on all day, and the dark clouds behind the rainbow made for good contrast to see the colors. Everybody maintained plenty of space, or as they say social distance.


We got some flowers

Yesterday was just beautiful out, partly sunny and warm in the low 70s. Our son drove us to the ag supply store, where they had the typical set up of flowers, trees, mulch, top soil etc. in the parking lot. We actually got out of the car, but stayed far away from anybody else.

We were hoping to plant the flowers today, but high winds and rain have put a damper on those plans so far. Maybe later today we can get out to do some yard work.

Stay safe and remember to wash those hands!

Feeding birds and umbrellas for social distancing

The phone image isn’t the best, but you can see the cute (?) little English sparrow enjoying a meal at our recently installed bird feeder. You can also see the corn cob, now devoid of any corn kernels, sticking up from the tree. We put a nail in the tree, drilled a hole down the center of the cob, and voila! a squirrel feeding station.

This danged COVID-19 stay at home stuff is really, really getting old. We still miss going out to eat, going to a casino (we like the free play!) and being able to travel to see the kids and grand kids.

Oh, and we saw something different on a CNN internet report. There is a village in India named Thannermukkom that has given out 10,000 umbrellas. The idea is that if you walk around with an open umbrella, and others do the same, it forces you to not get close to each other. Not sure you are the 6 feet away, but definitely not shoulder to shoulder.

Stay calm,  remember the rules, and wash those hands and keep physical distance!

Roadtirement’s tomato plant growth

Photo taken April 19th

Photo taken April 27th








It was a week ago that we first showed you our tomato seedlings. Here is a picture taken just now, on the 27th. The peppers, bottom, are also continuing to grow, but not as fast as the tomatoes.  The tomatoes will probably need to be transplanted into a larger container very soon.

Keep up your safety protocols! Don’t slip up now, we’ve come too far…

How to safely take off contaminated gloves

There’s several circumstances when the use of some kind of protective gloves are advisable during this COVID-19 pandemic. One of those is when you are getting gas or diesel in your vehicle. Think about how yucky that nozzle could be it the person who just pumped gas sneezed or coughed into their hand. Think about the same yucky fingers that have pushed the touch pad. OK, you’ve gotten those latex or some other kind of glove. However, if you don’t take the gloves off correctly, you can still spread all the germs that are on the gloves after you used them.

OK, here, straight from the CDC website is the correct way to remove possibly contaminated gloves.

After you have the gloves off and thrown in the trash, use plenty of hand sanitizer to clean your hands. It is also a good idea to have some disinfectant wipes in your vehicle. You can even wipe off the pump nozzle before you pump. You can’t be too careful.

Wear masks, wear gloves, wash your hands, keep your distance and be safe


Got the fence put up

Yesterday Roadtirement posted about our backyard projects. Our son got the mulch placed around the tree. I got most of the fence sections scraped and painted to go around the mulch bed.

This morning I set out the fence sections that were done. Turns out I just needed four more sections to complete the circle around the tree. It did not take too long to prepare and paint four more sections, let them dry, and install. You can see the result, above. The green stuff on the mulch is the seeds and such falling off the tree.

Hang in there, don’t be too bored, and keep using those safe practices

Our new bird feeder

When we got the squirrel corn the other day we also bought a bird feeder. So far we have not actually seen any feathered friends at the feeder, but the drop in the seed level and loose seeds on the ground under the feeder do show that it has been used.

Speaking of birds, there is a Pileated Woodpecker living somewhere around our neighborhood. We have seen him a couple of times flying through. What a magnificent bird. We’re looking forward to more sightings.

Since we’re not traveling Sher and I have focused on getting our backyard into a more comfortable and enjoyable living space. BC (before coronavirus) we were traveling for much of the year. Thanks to COVID-19 that has changed drastically.

Got any bird feeders in your yard? What is your favorite bird?

Remember all that “stay healthy” advice! Don’t slip up!

Some backyard projects while Roadtirement is shutdown

We had another day of nice weather today. The sun was out, temps did hit the high 60s and there was a moderate breeze. A good scenario for some backyard projects.

Work in progress

Ready for a border and flowers






One project was the placement of mulch at the base of one of the trees in our backyard. The plastic bags that package the mulch makes for a decent barrier to keep unwanted weed growth.

The old flaky paint must go

Spray painting the scraped sections






While our son was putting down the mulch, I was scraping old paint off some flower bed border fence sections. I spray painted them as well. Got about half of the ones I need done to circle the new mulch bed around the tree.

Next will be the decision on the plantings in the mulch. It felt good getting some outside work done today. And I didn’t watch any COVID-19 briefings from our governor or from Trump. That was nice….

Stay safe, get some exercise, social distance yourself and wash those hands.


Watching some bunnies on a rainy day

Two bunnies looking at a third one behind the tree.

The COVID-19 shutdown did not stop the cool and breezy rain today. We had just watched the squirrels having a ball with the ears of corn. All of a sudden here came some bunny rabbits. They must have been enjoying the rain as they were running around, chasing each other and having a good old time.

Here is a short little video of the bunnies frolicking around.

We did have fun watching some wildlife today. With the rain it was tough to spend much if any time outside.  Maybe tomorrow will bring nicer weather. Remember, friends, stay safe and stay healthy!

Watching the squirrel with the corn

Yesterday during our “get out of the house for a change of scenery” adventure we somehow got on the subject of squirrels and feeding them. One thing led to another and we decided that we’d get some ear corn and mount it on backyard trees. Our son went into the Rural King store and got us a bag of ear corn.

We put one ear of corn each on two different trees in our backyard. When I first got up this morning neither ear had been touched. Then a second check a little later revealed that one of the ears was now completely devoid of kernels. The squirrel had moved to the second ear, which was on the tree closer to the house. It was grabbing a kernel and then burying it close to the tree. About every fourth kernel buried he would stop and eat one! The squirrel is, as I write this, continuing to take the kernels off this second corn cob.  Fun to watch, but now I have to decide how much corn to put out.

Oh, we also got a bird feeder. No action there yet. We’ll let you know…..

Stay safe and healthy friends!